WP Tutorial #6 – Password Protection

Follow the Instructions!

Some of your content may not be suitable or intended for public consumption.  When this is the case, the smart thing to do is to use a password to protect the content.  When you submit a new article or content it’s automatically made public via WordPress (unless otherwise specified).  This is the default visibility setting for WordPress content.  This content management system also offers two less public options when submitting new content.  You can see these options in the image below:

passwordprotectionWhen you are finished writing a post and are ready to publish, if it happens to be something you only want certain people to see, then you should add the proper protection under “Visibility” in the “Publish” box.  Once you have finished choosing how visible you want the content to be, click ok and then click publish.  This will finalize the article and publish the article to the website.  Depending on how visible you have made the post will determine who can see the article.