WP Tutorial #2 – Creating Articles

Creating Articles With WordPress

So we have taught you how to login to your new WordPress website and now you need to start writing articles to populate your site with content.  Creating articles with WordPress is also almost as easy as logging in.  Once you are logged into your site you need to click “Posts” on the left side:

creating articlesOnce you have clicked “Posts” you will see a few options available: “All Posts” | “Add New” | “Categories” | “Tags”.

All Posts: This link will take you to a page that lists all of your articles from all categories and subcategories.

Add New: This link will take you to a fresh template for a new article.  From here you just need to understand the layout and how everything works together.  You will notice that everything is blank and you will have quite a few options.  Depending on the plugins that you have installed, you will have plenty of tools to choose from while writing the article.  Creating articles for a website has never been easier.  You can now publish as fast as a lot of news agencies. We recommend the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin which expands the options and makes writing articles easier.

creating articles

Categories: This section is where you are able to add categories to your site in which categorize your articles. You will find the categories on the right side of the page when you add a new post. You can also add categories there as well. If you are looking to edit categories though then you want to go to the categories page.

Tags: This is where you add/edit your keywords that you are using for your articles.  This page will show you every keyword that you have used for your articles.  You can find a link to those keywords which will actually take you to a page that has all articles that use that keyword.  This can be helpful with the organization of your website.  You can link words in your articles to those pages which make it easier for users/customers to search your website.

Hopefully after reading this article on creating articles with WordPress you are able to have a better idea as to how the articles are written on your new WordPress website.  If you need help with anything involving WordPress please don’t hesitate to email or call us.  You can also contact us about creating articles via our Support Site.