About Us

As early as 2007, Tiyoo Media has pursued to deliver our knowledge, creativity, and strategic marketing methods bundled in a easy to understand solution. We believe our core strengths are due to combining years of experience and factoring our clients requirements into a truly unique package.

Collaboration is our key element. Aside from our client requirements, we are able to efficiently tackle each project with low overhead on our part to keep pricing as economical as possible. Our principles we’ve acquired over the course of decades of combined experience allow us to deliver much richer experience for our clients.

Charles Sherrill has been developing a web presence since 2005. He has been working with several different companies over the year helping them get off the ground. His specialty is website design and social media marketing. If you are just starting out and looking for someone to take care of that side of the business, then Charlie is a great option for you. He will work with you and stay in constant communication giving your web presence as personal of a touch as possible.