#1064 Error PHPMyAdmin Solved

So one of my clients bought hosting with HostGator (Hatchling WordPress Hosting) which is a company that I have not used in years.  First of all installing WordPress is not like what it used to be.  They have a whole customized solution for that now (which actually made it more difficult for me but is helpful for beginners I am sure).  Anyways, I develop everything on my own computer using AMPPS (which I highly recommend for any future developers out there).  When transferring the site once you are done with it to the web server its usually just a matter of installing WordPress, uploading the relevant website files (Plugins, Theme, Uploads: basically everything in the wp-content folder), and dropping the standard database/importing the developed one.  In this particular case I got through all the steps up until the database.  When getting into PHPMyAdmin I dropped all the tables that WordPress comes with when being installed and tried uploading then database I had created…Uh Oh…enter the dreaded red box of death haha with an error I had not run into before…”#1064 Error”:



Normally this would not freak me out but after trying quite a few different steps I started to get pretty nervous.  Not only was this a client website, but it was for a close friend whom I respect greatly.  I really did not want to have to start over with this site.  I thought I had borked something big time because after Googling the exact error, variations of the error I was realizing that there was not a solid solution out there really.  So, I did what any developer would do, I started to mess with the export.  I tried different steps until I stumbled upon something that works REALLY well.  When exporting your database from your localserver PHPMyAdmin you have two options (Quick and Custom).  In this case I chose Custom:


Once you have chosen custom you are given quite a few more options when exporting.  This is the part where I started messing around with everything.  I had a hunch that the reason it was not uploading at all was because I was going between two different versions of PHPMyAdmin so one of the first choices I made was to not include all of the header information (this includes timestamps, PHP version, and server version).  Once I did this, everything uploaded perfectly and the site was made available instantly since I had already uploaded all of the relevant website files.